Consistent Work = Growth and Expansion

Nice brief piece on being ‘positioned to win’ from Veterans Business Resources.

Veterans Business Resources

Given that Government Contracting is a Team Sport.”  Given that your business was properly structured from the start.  Given that you’ve employed and relied upon the expertise of the professionals you assembled.  Given that you’ve been “positioned to win.”  You’re well on your way to greater growth and expansion.

All of that early Business Development work that you put it has really paid off.  Not only are you working on a consistent basis, you have potentially added new service offerings.  These new service offerings have provided significant income and accelerated your growth and expansion projections.  Your Financial Advisor has been with you every step of the way.

Now that you’ve arrived at this Critical Point on the Battlefield”, what do you do and how do you do it?  The 5 “Ws” and the How question might serve you well here.  Remember, they are; who, what…

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Structuring and Financing Acquisitions

Podcast: September 17, 2012, Greater Washington Tower Club

Structuring & Financing Acquisitions

Xenith Bank hosts an executive roundtable discussion pertaining to key issues involved in properly structuring and financing acquisitions.
Moderated by Mike Smigocki, Senior Managing Director, Federal Strategies Group, LLC
Panelists: Gaylon Layfield, CEO, Xenith Bank
Michael Tinsley, CEO, NeoSystems Corp.
Virginia Rollins, Partner, Salen Halifax Capital Partners II, LP
Wayne Lee, Partner, Greenberg Traurig
Mark Frantz, Partner, Blue Delta Capital Partners
Introduction by Joe Humphries, Regional President, Xenith Bank, Greater Washington

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